Who We Are
Parents and teachers of Merrill F. West High School, as well as local community members, all working together to enhance science education and prepare students for college and careers in science and engineering.
West High Science Boosters is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Our Mission
 • Enhance classroom science education, and augment it with extracurricular activities
 • Deepen student familiarity with science and engineering careers, and increase awareness to available disciplines in these areas
 • Help students achieve admission to science and engineering majors at top national colleges

What We Do
In addition to assisting classroom science education with materials and supplies, West High Science Boosters manages extracurricular activities such as the science fair. We work with the school’s counseling office to guide students interested in science and engineering careers, and we organize related college tours and admission sessions.

WHSB Structure
Our board of directors consists of the following offices:
 - President
 - Secretary
 - Treasurer
 - Faculty Representative
 - Communications:  information technology and communications (internal and external)
 - Activities:  programs such as science demos, Science Olympiad and the science fair
 - College Admission:  science college tours, admission info sessions, and alumni relations
 - Resources:  grant applications, sponsorships, fundraisers, and community relations
 - Science Inventory:  management of teacher wish lists and our science material and equipment bank

The Introduction to WHSB presentation is always a good resource to learn about the highlights of WHSB.

For more detailed information about the organization, see the WHSB Bylaws
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